Where Did Your Landing Page Go Wrong? Identify These Blunders

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Are there no conversions even after your ads get hundreds of clicks every day?
Check the broken links and make sure you are targeting the right audience.
Still, no conversions?
Something somewhere went wrong, and you don’t have a clue!
If this continues, you may end up losing money without any conversions.
While only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates (Source), more than 20% of businesses have reported that they do not have an effective strategy for landing page testing (Source).
With that, it’s clear that businesses are definitely not doing it right!
The performance and significance of your landing pages is a key ingredient for converting users.
Precisely speaking, many of us focus on getting users to our site. We believe that impressive and attractive web design or our products and services would convert them into customers.
The reality is otherwise.
Here are some important updates where your landing page goes wrong, and it further leads to behaving like conversion killers. You should fix them today.

1. Poor Impression
Getting users to click on your ads is only 1/3 of the success.
You need to let them have a perfect landing page experience, so they tend to click on the “buy” or “sign up” button.
It can be a bit more complicated than saying.
However, let’s find the tricks to achieve this.
• Update your landing page.
• Use minimal design and light text to deliver the core messages.
• The page shouldn’t look like it was created more than three years ago.
• Use a simple layout with professional design
• Use an image or illustration that’s not a stock photo.
Online marketing is transforming at a higher pace. What worked nine years ago is not relevant today. You need to keep pace with the trends.

2. Not Mobile-Friendly Relevant Page
Did you know mobile traffic has quickly taken over consumer behavior? With all the wonders of Google’s mobile-friendly website update, there is more traffic on mobile devices than on desktop.
So building your landing pages for desktops only is a big drawback. Choose a responsive or adaptive design for your landing page to serve your mobile customers because if your website is not mobile-friendly, it’s repelling your mobile viewers already.
Here’s an example of a mobile-friendly landing page:



Key takeaways from Kerry Butters’ landing page for mobile devices.
1. Keep headlines to 5 words or less
2. Don’t forget to include you
3. Use simplicity and whitespace in your design
4. Keep the form simple and the call to action button prominent

3. Slow Page Speed
A 1 second delay in your site speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions (Source)
Speed is one of the key ingredients of landing page performance. It carries a huge impact on conversions.
74% of people are bailing if your page does not load within 5 seconds. It gets worse for your conversion rates. Just 3-second delay and half your traffic will bounce.


Therefore, successful business designs their pages that load in less than a second! Here are ways to make your landing page blazing fast.
• Test Your Page Speed- Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and get a sense for how quickly your pages are loading on desktop and mobile. The tool will also let you have some recommendations for specific fixes, like which images need to be optimized.

• Clean up Your Code- Create clutter-free pages. Keep them well-organized. Clean code, free of extraneous junk. Remove unneeded sections and tags.

• Minimize Redirects Where Possible – Use 301 redirects. Crept when they get excessive. Bog down your server.

4. Unclear Value Proposition
Don’t think your product’s features will attract audiences and impress them to buy your product. Users landing on your website tend to see what special features in your products or services are relevant to them. They want to know why they should buy.
Avoid boasting about your products and their high-tech features. Instead, focus on the clear value proposition. Let them know why they should buy the product.



In the above image, we see the page saying ‘World’s easiest email marketing.’ The headline doesn’t say why it is beneficial for a particular user. It should explain why you should use GetResponse’s email marketing.
Crisp and interactive content is what you need to drive conversions from your landing pages.

5. Missing Image
If you miss images in your landing page, you miss customers too. It can lead to a huge potential untapped.
Take a glance at below image:



Put a relevant image. If you are a SAAS Company, showing a chart of the result is an excellent idea. For an e-commerce site, let people see a 3D image of the product they want to buy.

Do the mistakes above sound familiar? Chuck them right now and work on improving your landing pages. Moreover, have a correct landing page at the first place. If your landing page is your homepage, forget conversions. Remember to send people to your landing pages instead of the homepage, set up an ongoing testing program, make the page mobile-friendly, create crisp and actionable ad copy, and improve the page load speed to less than two seconds.
Looking for experts who can do all this for you? Get in touch with Landing Page experts at Super Fresh Media.

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