How to Gain Your First 10k Followers on Instagram

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At this day, there are more than 700 million Instagrammers!
Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2013, Instagram has provided a high-quality photo-sharing platform to users like never before.
It is the popularity of this application that it became more than just a medium to share your moments with the world.
Whether you want to promote your blog, brand or business, you can always make more out of Instagram.
But here comes the tricky part. How to build an extensive Instagram audience? You must have come across several profiles with 10K+ followers. What is common amongst them? How they made it happen?
Let’s uncover the mystery of how to earn your first 10K+ followers on Instagram.

Use high quality images


Source – Instagram
It is obvious that as Instagram is an image and video sharing application, users are most interested in excellent quality images. Instagram is a visual platform where people like, comment, react and follow for what they see. So, more pleasing a photo would be, more engagement it is going to generate. For this, you can switch to a good quality camera rather than using your phone. Try to take a series of photos, upload them to your computer, choose the best one, edit it and post it on Instagram. Soon, you will start seeing an increase in the numbers of your Instagram followers.

Decide your niche


Source – Instagram
If you want to grow your followers, you need to give them what they are looking for. What incites a food lover may not do the same to a home décor enthusiast. There is a broad range of niche to access on Instagram. Some may be looking for parenting tips and pics related to babies, some may be interested in travel pictures and videos, or seeking ideas for wedding. Many times, followers do not care what you wear or who your family members are. If we leave alone celebrities, users are generally not interested in your personal pictures. Instead of generic personal pictures, market yourself as a fitness expert, home décor enthusiast, fashionista, travel freak or mommy Instagrammer with some takeaways for your followers. Moreover, don’t take it personally if people unfollow you.

Post regularly
Something is better than nothing, as they say; the same goes true for Instagram. Though there is no hard and fast rule about the number of posts per day, it is good to post daily even if it is a single picture. You may come across many statistics regarding the best time to post on Instagram and so on. However, quality content never gets unacknowledged. One or two post a day is fine, on the contrary, too many posts a day can also mar your followers. So, always keep a balance and stay consistent.

Find them who are looking for you


Source – Instagram
If you are using Instagram to promote your business, engaging your ideal customers is very important. How will you find them? Simple, use the right hashtags- hashtags that your target audience is using and searching! Once you find them, like, comment and follow.
The more you will engage with your customers, the more they will check out your profile and become your new follower.

Provide information in every post
A picture is worth a thousand words, still, short information about your picture is what people are expecting. A good choice of words and well defined photographs are definitely going to increase the engagement in the long run. Your followers and visitors must be curious in knowing the details of the picture. Give specifications, it will set you apart from the others.
For example, look at the following picture:


Source – Instagram
Just looking at the picture may not give an idea to all the users about this mouthwatering dish. Not providing information may baffle your followers, however, a short, crisp and perfect description will be appreciated, leveraging more likes, comments, engagement and ultimately followers! You can also give some valuable tips or information.
Moreover, we repeat, using the right hashtags is also crucial. Give your visitors what they are looking for.

Analyze what is working and what is not
After a few months of liking, commenting, and Instagramming, take some time to analyze what is working best for you. Take note of how your daytime photos, nighttime clicks, videos, hashtags, filters, followers lost, the name of filter used, followers gained, and comments did. Also, mark what type of posts received the maximum engagement.
Make sure that you repeat the last step and go through your analytics constantly. Also, keep on engaging with other posts. Remember that your Instagram profile will look real if you regularly follow, and comment on the posts of other Instagram users.
Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will start seeing the results. However, don’t expect any overnight miracle. If done consistently, in the right way, it may take you several months to years to garner 10K+ followers. All the best!
If that sounds too much of a task to you, hire experts to do it for you. At Super Fresh Media, we will create a killer Instagram strategy for your business helping you gain your first 10k followers.

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