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There is a marked change in the way SEO is done, and the role that content marketing plays in it is increasingly becoming evident. To make sure that your SEO efforts are bearing the fruits that you always wanted, you need to have a content marketing strategy in place. But will just anything work? Not necessarily!

Start With Audience
Even before you serve any content to the audience, you must know what they read and how they get engaged to it. You need to have a close eye on the keywords so that when you craft the content, its topics address the keywords so that search engines are comfortable finding it. Exciting pieces of the content are readily shared by the audience on the social media. So isn’t it a good idea to make it shareable as well? Besides, the content must be convincing enough to be referred and linked back. It will also make sure that it helps the optimization. The more informative the content is, the more SEO value it holds. Your target audience is more interested in those blogs & that appears high in the search engine results and is highly engaging. Latest estimates suggest that leads that are generated organically have a 14.6 % close rates as compared to 1.6 % outbound leads. Most of you by now might be thinking how to make the content more engaging? Well, interactive content is just all about this. So let’s take a look.

Emergence Of Interactive Content
Content is just everywhere, and there is too much of it. You type a keyword in any search engine, and there is so much for the audience to read and study. Most of them are looking for specific information on the internet or are doing some research before making any decision. But are they willing to wade through so much of content? May be not! There is too much of noise (read too much content) that is being made by content marketers. The customers might be looking for answers, and their way to find the same has changed as more and more of them are using the smartphones. And it has made content marketers think of interactive content which will help the audience or the customers find the right information to help them make better decisions in lesser time.
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A Peep Into Buyer’s Journey
Your buyer or the audience might be coming via desktop or smartphone (searching for keywords), but they are in one of these stages when they are visiting your website:

• Awareness (Want To Know?)- In this stage, they are more likely to be engaged in polls, self-assessments and knowledge tests.
• Evaluation (Want To Buy?)- In this stage is more likely to zero-in on certain options (products or services) so they are more likely looking for interactive white papers and personal assessments.
• Decision (Will Buy?)-In this stage the buyers will look for calculators, surveys, and reviews that will help them in the decision making.

But How Various Forms Of Interactive Content Help?
Now let’s come to something more concrete and see the various forms of interactive that may be used in the different stages of the buyer’s journey:

They are very popular and can be used for the educational purposes (awareness stage). The results can be used in recommending the most subsequent content.

They can be helpful in identifying a need or do some other kind of self-diagnosis. These also help in categorizing the audience based on a series of questions.

Polls & Surveys
They can take many forms, and they can be helpful for marketers and customers alike. The subject of the poll or survey gives users a glimpse into the users and area of expertise.

They are about money, and they interest the audience as they provide vital information related to a decision. Take for example loan amortization calculators, are they not useful is helping audience the most precise way.

They are again a great tool, and cool contests are a proven way two lure customers and inspire engagement. They even allow marketers to collect customer data and even generate authentic & user-generated content.

They are again a very good way to engage the audience. Very similar to a knock-out tournament format, they help in deciding the “Best Food to Eat.”
Interactive content works as it is dynamic. Ask yourself a simple question, will you like to speak to a dead wall or someone alive? We are humans, and we like to interact and that’s what makes this form of content work. So when the audience searches for something informative and they come across a poll or survey, they are more likely to share it. Your calculators might get linked to many other sites helping your site rank higher.

So Will Interactive Help SEO?
Your interactive content is going to be mobile friendly. We know that Google has introduced its mobile-first indexing (mobile devices are making up 56% of all searches) with the aim of making it a more significant driver in search rankings.


Source: stonetemple.com
So, mobile-friendly interactive active content is sure to drive up the rankings and will be the only way to effective SEO in the time to come.

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